Echoes of the Astral Empire will follow a story of a 20-year-old princess, Tahira, and we will see her fight to save the lives of her peaceful people from the monstrous Astral Empire that seeks to exterminate them! The game is set in an abandoned colony, that now resembles¬†a dark, medieval age. As Princess Tahira, you will lead up to 20 characters through huge battles against much larger forces, so you will mostly be using guerrilla warfare tactics to crush your foes. It’s a really well-crafted turn-based RPG, making you use varied tactics to overcome the odds and win!


Every battle will have an effect on the plot, so there are no filler battles that serve as a grind and to level up. Fights will progress in vast and expanding environments and they will often have multiple sections, so, expect things like three-stage defenses of towns to hectic rescues of Tahira’s citizens.


The events of the game actually all happen in one night, and since completing Tahira will take about 10 hours or so, it’s going to provide quite a real-time experience!


Echoes of the Astral Empire has absolutely alien, but captivating graphic. By alien I mean something retro but also new and strange, and it was done by rotoscoping. The soundtrack is also quite relaxing, making your journey feel like a warm and sound dream.


Definitely check this game out, it’s available on Steam right now, so go buy it!


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