When it comes to large scale, champion or fighter based games, whether they be pure fighting titles or MMO’s, there is a risk that with the uniqueness or individuality of the character and their abilities, that one may unintentionally be great than others, or even most. Thus, the developers work constantly once the game is released to try and keep the fighters or champions on an even playing field.

After all, why should one character be any stronger than the others? Games like Super Smash Bros., Street Fighter V, League of Legends, and more are famous for what is called “nerfing” a character. Which is slang for simply bring them down a notch so that the game is more balanced. Overwatch has had a few of these problems too. With many players stating that a character is too OP (overpowered), for one reason or another. The latest one to get that claim? Symmetra.

The ironic thing about this one, is that the complaint isn’t coming from just Symmetra “haters”, or ones who play against her, but also those who play as her, or even main (their primary choice when playing the game) her. In fact, one Symmetra player went onto the Battle.netĀ forums to note his idea for said nerf.

His name is Droid. Basically, he wants her “Disengage” ability taken away. What that ability does is extend the range of her rifle for a few seconds, which can be very deadly, and apparently, very OP, even for this guy. He reveals that because her range is 7m, which is still pretty far, to make it any farther is unfair to other players.

Some have agreed to this, while others think she’s ok. What are your thoughts? Do you think Symmetra needs to loose the Disengage ability? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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