Console gamers looking for a new RPG to play, rejoice and be glad. Sword Coast Legends, an RPG set in the forgotten realms of Dungeons and Dragons has now made its debut on both PS4 and Xbox One at 19.99 USD.

Sword Coast LegendsPurchasing now can gain access to the Rage of Demons DLC. Here’s some information from the website:

“Rage of Demons adds Drizzt Do’Urden, Guenhwyvar, the Warlock class, and the Tiefling race, as well as new areas, weapons, armor sets, monsters and bosses.”

This game has quite a bit to offer, including a thorough single-player campaign from the team behind Dungeons and Dragons Origins. 

There are five playable races and six classes to create a character with. The game offers deep storyline, party based tactical combat, and most importantly a compelling and complex RPG experience.

If you’re interested in creating your own adventure, try out the Dungeon Master mode, where you can create an adventure for your friends to play. You can influence your experience real time as friends explore the dungeon you’ve created.

Again, Sword Coast Legends launched on both the Xbox One and PS4 platforms on July 19th, and are available for purchase at only 19.99. Quite a bargain for an interesting RPG experience.


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