Photo Credit: Kotaku

Nintendo is finally taking their biggest IP to the mobile market. Super Mario is taking to the App Store with Super Mario Run, which incorporates Mario’s side scrolling roots into an infinite runner formula that can only be done right on mobile.

Photo Credit: IGN
Photo Credit: IGN

While this action experience is not slated for Android anytime soon, it’s good to see Nintendo keeping their promise about their involvement with the world of mobile gaming.

Alongside this announcement was yet another confirmation that an Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem set of mobile games would be on the way. Even more exciting is that these are now slated for specific time-frames. There was speculation that they might launch during the Fall, but Nintendo has clarified that this will not be the case. The intention is to launch them prior to the end of March of 2017.

This is interestingly in direct line with the current release window for the Nintendo NX console. It will be interesting to see how the timing on these products will correlate.

Super Mario Run will launch on the App Store first, and on Android later next year. While no concrete launch date has been given for the IOS release, Shigeru Miyamoto said on stage at Apple’s conference that the game would launch before the holiday.


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