Summoners War continues to develop new events with new rewards and quest. This time they have announced the Special Quiz Event. In this event, players get to take a quiz and answer some question which eventually leads to plenty of in-game rewards and special gifts.

The event will take place in Summoners War on 4/27 and will continue through 5/10. The first part is about the missions that you need to complete in order to take these quizzes. The reward is 10,000 Mana Stones and a quiz ticket. You get these two rewards by finishing the daily missions throughout the time period of the event. The first mission requires you to clear the Cairo Dungeon 10 times, the second requires you to enter the Arena/World Arena 10 times, and the third needs you to power-up the Rune 10 times. Another way to get some rewards is to summon 3★+ Monster 10 times. After that, you will get 5 quiz tickets and 2 Mystical Scrolls.

The second portion of the event requires you to finish the quiz that’s given to you after those missions in order to get some great prizes. Players can earn Mystical Scrolls, Energy, Crystals, Mana Stones, and Essence of Magic and more. All rewards earned will be sent straight to your inbox. In addition, energy will be sent even if you don’t get the answer right.

Summoners War


The part to the event is basically getting free stuff according to the umber of quizzes you have answered correctly. The better your performance on the quizzes, the more rewards there will be. There’s a whole list of rewards that you can receive upon the completing a certain amount of quizzes, including Mana Stones, Crystals, and Scrolls, just to name a few.

There will also be an Answer Sheet which you can look at if you are interested in finding out what answers you got right and what answers you got wrong. You can use this to learn from your mistakes so you can answer correctly in the future. For more info about the event, visit the announcement over at the Com2uS forum.

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