Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite

Fans of the inter-promotional beat ’em up franchise Marvel vs. Capcom will be waiting in anticipation for a new entry in the series, which is something that is expected later this year with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Set to launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC, the sequel in development will return to a more traditional two-on-two format, and will feature the announced characters of Iron Man, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Ryu, Morrigan and Mega Man, with many more to be revealed.

Infinite is a sequel that I for one cannot wait to play, but one has to wonder if its worth pushing the game back to avoid the somewhat poor start that Street Fighter V suffered from on its own release. Upon its pushed forward launch, Street Fighter V released with a rather alarming lack of content for a lot of fans’ liking, and was plagued by server issues from the get-go. Capcom thankfully addressed the majority of these issues with updates, but the latest release one of the most important franchises in the fighting genre was rather slow out of the blocks.

That isn’t to say that MvC Infinite is destined to suffer the same fate, it could even be seen as a lesson learned by Capcom going into this next game. So this raises the question of whether the team behind Infinite should take as much time as possible, and release the game when it is a fully finished product, or as fully finished as a game can be in this day an age at launch. Fans have been reassured at this early stage that plentiful single-player content will be made available (a key component missing from Street Fighter V at launch) as well as the competitive side of the brawler, showing that Capcom are using Street Fighter’s mistakes as a learning curve to improve going forward.

Though some see the interest in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 meanwhile as waning, a release early next week on Xbox One and Steam could be something that brings a potential new audience to the series too, presenting the latest release on two new platforms for players to indulge in for the best part of the year until Infinite hits the shelves. This in turn drums up even more interest and exposure for Marvel vs. Capcom than before, bringing new players aboard the hype train going towards the release of Infinite.

Assuming that the next game is coming towards the end of 2017, a slight nudge into 2018 could serve it better to avoid any premature problems that have risen before. Having said that, where Cacpom are in the development process is unknown, and it could be primed and ready for a healthy launch this year. In the meantime, the release of UMvC3 on new platforms should be enough to tide those audiences over. For others, I’m sure the high-flying Vs. series will be back with a bang, whenever it releases.

Are you looking forward to Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite? Let us know in the comments below.


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