Garlock Online is now available on Steam Early Access for free, with DLCs available for purchase.



Garlock Online was developed and published by HellconX™, who describes their game as a “3rd person shooter-rpg game.” Players will be able to recruit and summon monsters by their side, and will have three classes to choose from.

The game seems to be big on PvP as well, so competitive players might find this game to their liking if they enjoy any of the aforementioned genres.


Each class will have their own sets of weapons and armor that players can upgrade, with “Epic PvP Armouries” available for Battlemarks, which players can collect in-game. Monsters can be raised as well through experience, and should improve your survivability in battle.



There’s actually a decent amount of content going by the description on Steam, which says that there is a crafting system, as well as quests for experience.

The base game is offered for free and will remain so after Early Access, though there will be an item shop in the game where players can buy different characters for real money.

The translation on its Steam page seems a bit sketchy, but the game is still in Early Access and is completely free to download, so there’s no harm in giving it a shot. Read about Garlock Online in more detail and check out their player feedback on Steam here.


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