StarCraft Pro HuK Pens Letter to Former Team Evil Geniuses

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One of the two outgoing StarCraft II professional players that were left on the Evil Geniuses, HuK, has penned an open letter to his former team. The StarCraft veteran weighs in on the good over most of his years with the organization, and some of the bad that came at the end.

StarCraft Evil Geniuses

When Evil Geniuses announced their decision to cut their StarCraft division, they were following a trend in the esports industry in general away from the real-time strategy game that was once king of esports. Their roster was down to just two professional players. One of them, Chris “HuK” Loranger, expressed some of his thoughts about the recent development via Medium.

HuK is respectful and appreciative of the many good years he spent with the organization. He writes about how much he appreciates the bonds he formed with other players and teams of other games, as the organization grew. He also wishes nothing but the best for the leaders of Evil Geniuses going forward.

HuK, via Liquipedia

But this is not the end to his StarCraft career that he envisioned. HuK writes that there was no communication with the players in regards to this major change. He exposes the hypocrisy involved in a player-run organization that doesn’t coordinate with the players. He had hoped for better from his former teammates.

Evil Geniuses decided to close their StarCraft II division, due to declining interest in the title. They have teams in many other esports titles, such as Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Heroes of the Storm, and a division dedicated to fighting games.

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