maxresdefault (1)Once again another great RPG sandbox indie game has been added to the vast world of Steam. If you are an extremely dedicated gamer, who mostly enjoys competitive games, full of problematic and sometimes unreasonable allies, then you know that once in a while you need to relax and take your mind away from all that.

Starbound will surely be a good choice for that. Even though it had a rough Early Access, this game was perfected and is now available for everyone. The story is really simple but also interesting.

In this adventure game, you ran away from home and in that great escape you end up lost in some strange galaxy. On top of that, your spaceship is broken. Your only way to survive is to descend down to the unknown planet and find a way to gather necessary parts to repair your ship. With this, you’ll be able to continue your journey into the vast and unknown space.

Even though the game had some issues in the early stage of development, it received very positive feedback from players and Steam community. That alone speaks for itself.
The price of the game is really affordable and will fit anyone budget.

We will definitely try it out, and have some fun with it.

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Alastor is a passionate journalist and hellishly good gamer. He is dedicated writer and will always stay true when writing about games. Feared by many developers due to his loud and detailed reviews that might not be all nice and polite. He will tell you what it is and how it is. So, if he says you should try this game, you be sure to do so, because it will probably be really good.


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