PvP is an essential part of the MMORPG genre. It lets players have fun apart from the main game, battle against other players, and lets them do presents unique strategic situations and elements. But, as many MMORPG players will note, this can be a problem when the game’s PvP isn’t balanced at all. In fact, it can ruin the experience entirely. This is a problem Star Wars The Old Republic players are having right now.

One player, in particular, Mephesh, believes that two classes stand out as very unbalanced for different reasons. First, the Tanks are underpowered, while the Commando/Merc class is too overpowered. In regards to the tanks, Mephesh notes that the recent upgrade in damage done across the class board, combined with the fact that the tanks only had their health increased and nothing else, makes them “1st priority” when matches begin:

“A bit more HP does not make up for the damage increase DD builds received.”

As for the commandos/mercs, Mepesh states that their powerful healing abilities makes them very hard to kill, and thus makes them very frustrating to fight. For solutions, Mephesh suggests a boost to the Tank defenses, mainly in the Shield, Absorb, and Defense stats. Meanwhile, the Commando/Merc should get nerfed in regards to their healing abilities.

Star Wars The Old Republic

Other Star Wars The Old Republic players weighed in on this. Some don’t think the stats are the problem, but rather, the people playing them or the people playing with them. One player thinks the lack of healers makes Tanks less effective. Another believes that the kind of tanks being made are ruining the main Tank class:

“Why would someone choose to play an actual real tank, instead of a specced tank in DPS gear who can still do good protection, taunts, guards but can also do very good dps?” asks WayOfTheWarriorX.

Where do you fall in on this? Is there a balancing issue in Star Wars The Old Republic? Let us know in the comments below!



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