Star Crusade CCG Got A Thanksgiving Content Pack

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Do you like space? Do you like collectible card games? Well, Star Crusade: War of the Expanse combines both of those into one impressive digital card game. But, today we’re not covering the game, but its newly released Thanksgiving Content Pack!

Digital card games usually rely on many different ways of obtaining cards, since you have to make a way to get cards without paying for them with real money, especially if the game is free to play (and Star Crusade is). But, if you offer a bunch of awesome stuff for a cheap price, even free to play players won’t miss out on the opportunity to acquire so many goodies for such a fair bargain.


Star Crusade did just that with their Thanksgiving Content Pack, so if you’re in need of booster packs together with other wonderful items, you should definitely purchase it. But, you probably want to know exactly what items you get from this pack, so, let’s go over all of them!

The Thanksgiving Content Pack gives you 10 Boosters, resulting in a total of 60 cards, the Paragon card “Mr. Bradford”, a random Cyborg card (whose rarity  is going to be HEROIC or higher), a special “Spaceflower” Cardback with which you can brag about together with the exceptional “Thanksgiving” Avatar, and finally, a level 15 boost for Tel Machus the Fallen, the Hierarchy Сommander, which also includes both the base cards and the modules set.

Just remember that you will have to restart your game to activate the bonus content from the DLC!

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