Star Citizen

As one of the largest crowdfunded games in history, one that continues to be funded by new backers, it’s easy to think that Star Citizen has a lot going on. After all, it’s aiming to fill a full universe with content for players to enjoy, as well as be satisfied with. If you thought that, you are right, the team behind the game are constantly working to build the game up, release new content to the Alpha that is currently out for backers, and much more.

To that end, they do weekly wrap-ups of what all has transpired in the week, that way if you missed something during the week, you can get caught up very quickly. This week was no different, and so, here is the highlights of their weekly roundup.

Director of Star Citizen, Chris Roberts, is doing a tour of the various studios making the game. This past week led him to Manchester, England, where the team is working on Squadron 42, one of the mainly campaigns in the game that will have live action elements to it. He’s impressed with what he saw, and thus can’t wait to reveal everything when he can. He’ll be heading to the Frankfurt, Germany division next.

Star Citizen

He even noted that at South by Southwest, a special video will be presented about the community of Star Citizen, and how it was their support and crowdfunding efforts that has led the game to where it is today. Roberts also talked upon how the team is working on parts of the game that don’t “involve a loaded weapon”, meaning the Professions System that is a key part of the universe. There are plenty of things for players to do that don’t involve violence, and Roberts was excited to show that part of the system as well when the time is right.

Be sure to check out the full news round-up if you missed anything this week, and stay tuned for more Star Citizen news.


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