Star Citizen
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Star Citizen is one of the most ambitious projects in video game history. As such, the team gives out weekly newsletters to ensure that their players and backers (as the game was crowdfunded and continues to be so) know exactly what’s happening. For those who got to go to PAX East this weekend, the game took on a new form for them.

At the event, the team showed off the game and gave some new insight into what’s going into it to those who aren’t aware of the title. Also, to honor the showing at PAX, the team gave a Free Flight Weekend which is still active now. If you log into the game, you’ll be able to fly a Sabre for free.

The other part of PAX East for the team was that they would be holding the latest Bar Citizen event, where fans of the game get to meet up and talk about anything or everything related to the title, and some of the team will be dropping in as well as this is set to be the biggest one ever made.

Star Citizen

As for progress on Star Citizen, the team is working hard to make their release date for update 2.6.2, which they hope to release on the 23rd. Furthermore, the team is upping what they feel they can add to this update. Along with fixes to things such as Star Marine and the Arena Commander, they’re also going to add the Multiplayer Mega map. The reason for this is that they want the most amount of testing they can get from the players, for testing helps get things fixed, improved, and truly ready for the game’s launch.

Stay tuned for more Star Citizen updates, as the team will be releasing more and more news every week.


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