Star Citizen’s free fly event is the thing that the whole community is talking about. This week, members of the Star Citizen team answered subscriber questions during the October town hall, showed off some incredible planetary tech, and started an art contest that will land the winner a Polaris. Even more happened behind the scenes as devs improved 2.6 and made progress on features for 3.0 and Squadron 42.


This week was surely a blast for Star Citizen enthusiasts as they got to watch the Star Citizen team answered questions sent in by their subscribers at the October town hall where they presented some truly amazing planetary tech that really impressed. There was even an art contest that gave its winner a fricking Polaris. The devs also impressively improved on 2.6 and even made some progress with the features for 3.0 and Squadron 42.

Star Citizen - Artworks
Star Citizen – Artworks

The Esperia Prowler Art Contest already got a lot of response from the community that was announced earlier this week. The point was to guess what Tevarin’s┬álegendary boarding vessel looked like. Watch their anniversary stream on Friday, November 18th, to see who the winners are!

If you own an RSI account, be sure to take the Super Hornet for a spin, since it’s free this weekend!


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