The Square Enix Winter Sale has a lot of interesting items to pick up while they’re discounted, so be sure to get them if you’re a fan of Square Enix’s work.

The discounted items that we will cover include: The Final Fantasy XIV official calendar 2017, Meister Quality Figure – Odin, absolutely adorable Wayward Hatchling from Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XIV: Duality Arrangement album, and lastly, the Fat Chocobo from FINAL FANTASY XIV that got turned into a hooded blanket!

Final Fantasy XIV official calendar 2017


This album contains some illustrations by the development team’s artists that was never seen before by players. The calendar has a stunning illustration for each month of the year so fans can enjoy some really quality artwork about their beloved Eorzean figures, so this is definitely a must buy for Final Fantasy fans.

Meister Quality Figure – Odin

Another really neat product on sale is the Meister Quality Figure of Odin, which is truly masterfully crafted to portray Odin the Dark Divinity as precisely as possible, so he really looks exactly like he does in Final Fantasy XIV.

The Wayward Hatchling plush toy

The absolutely adorable Wayward Hatchling of Final Fantasy XIV Online comes back in the form of an even more adorable plush toy! Perfect for Final Fantasy XIV players that have kids, since kids really adore plushy toys.

Final Fantasy XIV: Duality Arrangement album

Masayoshi Soken, the Sound Director of Square Enix, personally picked the most popular songs from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward for this album, so if you enjoy the game’s melodies be sure to pick this up.

Fat Chocobo from FINAL FANTASY XIV as a hooded blanket

The last item from this Square Enix Winter Sale that we will be covering is the Fat Chocobo from Final Fantasy XIV, as a hooded blanket, perfect for resting after a long day of playing Final Fantasy XIV!

This covers some of the items from the Square Enix Winter Sale, but there are even more items on sale and you can check them out here.





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