Six months after the official release of Dream Reactor’s CCG, Spellweaver, the first expansion has finally launched. The expansion introduces 115 new cards distributed across all aspects. Each and every card will be added to the Valiant Dawn set.

Spellweaver - Valiant Dawn

In addition to the new cards are seven new card mechanics and six new hero skills obtainable through skill shrines. The seven new card mechanics and their functionalities are:

  • Slaves – Creatures with the “Slave” keyword cannot attack or block if the player controls more Slaves than non-Slaves on the battlefield.
  • Channeling – Cards with Channeling have the ability to use the card’s energy as payment for the cost of certain cards.
  • Level-Unlocked Powers – Powers which are only applied once a certain level as been acquired by its player.
  • Modal Cards – Cards which allow their user to choose between two or more options.
  • Multi-Aspect Cards – Cards which belong to more than one aspect.
  • Distributing Damage – The player receiving the damage is asked to distribute it across their units as desired.
  • Copying Cards – Cards which become identical to a selected target. Attachments are ignored.

Check out the official Spellweaver website for a more detailed overview of the new card mechanics.

The new cards can be obtained through Normal, Small, Good/Evil, and Premium packs. They are also additionally contained in the new Valiant Dawn Expansion packs. Valiant Dawn Expansion packs contain cards exclusively from the expansion; therefore, they are the ideal method of specifically collecting the new cards.

Spellweaver - Valiant Dawn Expansion Box

It’s important to note that the new cards won’t be playable in competitive modes until August 8th to allow players to become accustomed to their impact.

A new rarity, Heroic, has also been updated into the game. All Heroes, along with some other cards, will now be categorized under this new rarity. Heroic cards will be craftable at their original costs until August 5th. This discount is part of a variety of events created by Dream Reactor to celebrate the expansion’s release. For a complete list of events and discounts read the post regarding them here.

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