The most exciting updates for trading/collectible card games are new expansion sets. With that being said, it’s no surprise that Spellweaver fans are celebrating. Dream Reactor has announced that the first ever expansion for Spellweaver is launching in July 2016. Unfortunately, no specific date has been disclosed, but nevertheless, the wait is almost over.

Spellweaver - 1st Expansion Lotus

The set will include a total of 110 cards distributed across all six Aspects. All 110 cards will be added to the existing Valiant Dawn set. In addition to the cards, three new mechanics, six new Hero skills, new creature types, and a ‘big surprise’ awaits players.

To help ease the grueling wait for the expansion, Dream Reactor has planned a number of sneak peeks which they termed ‘Secret Card Releases’. Beginning June 21st, every Tuesday, 3 or more secret cards will be revealed and added to all packs. Secret cards won’t be craftable or available in competitive play during the first week following their release. This detail is important to prevent weekly disruptions to the competitive mode.

To keep up with the latest Spellweaver news, make sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Check out the original news post by Dream Reactor for a complete run-down of the upcoming expansion. Anyone that wishes to join in on the hype can download Spellweaver today on Steam.


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