Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Earthlock: Festival of Magic was a successful Kickstarter project that became so much more. And now, it’s heading to the PS4 on Janunary 27th. And it’s fair to say that the team at Sony are very impressed with the game, as they took out a whole section of the PlayStation Blog to write about how Earthlock is not only great, but honors the RPG games that came before it.

First off, it’s made by true RPG fans, ones who played, and loved, the old-school turn-based RPG’s that came before. Like Dragon Quest, or the original Final Fantasy games. And when they sat and talked about how to make Earthlock, they realized that their passion was in making a turn-based RPG, so that’s what they did.

Earthlock: Festival of Magic
However, though they love those games, they wanted to make sure Earthlock wasn’t EXACTLY like those titles. Meaning, the grinding. They all hated having to do those long grinds to level up characters and make them “good”, so, they turned the focus of the title to being more about strategy in battle, rather than being a high enough level.

But also, like modern RPG’s, the relationships between characters matter. If you team up two characters a lot, their bond will grow, not unlike how Fire Emblem handles their characters. Furthermore, your characters and the party you have them in, can be altered or changed at any time. The point here is to give you total freedom in regards to how you handle them all. No locks on classes or abilities, if you need someone changed, you can do it.

So, check out Earthlock: Festival of Magic, when it arrives on January 27th.


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