SMASH+GRAB is a new action PvP game, developed and published by United Front Games, in which you take the role of a gang leader. Your objective is to be the most dominant gang as you brawl against other gangs for recognition all while trying to earn as much loot as possible. Any loot can be useful, from weapons, armor, and random items that you can combine with your gear.

Some of the unique features are :

  • Innovative weapon crafting from the items that you loot
  • Every team consists of a leader, a lieutenant and three soldiers
  • Leveling up your team members grants many perks and clothes
  • AI – Controlled gangs
  • Brutal finishers
  • Leaders have unique special abilities and combat mechanics
  • AI gang members have their own personality that can be influenced by the leader

SMASH+GRAB has recently been released on Steam Early Access. The devs at United Front Games have said that they plan on to release the full game in about six months and that additional content like maps, weapons, items will be implemented throughout and after the Early Access phase.


The game is currently on a 15% discount so if you’re interested I recommend grabbing the game while the offer lasts.


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