Ascension is finally live and with it comes a new boss, the Council of Gods and a lot more, which is excellent news for both old and new Skyforge players!


An awesome new class is also coming to Skyforge, but we’ve already covered the Outlaw before, so let’s talk about some other things coming with Ascension like the avatar of Oceanids, a terrifying God, which you certainly need to defeat as quickly as possible, and the Council of Gods which adds a political system to the game to see who truly is a God among Gods, as even they need leaders.



Let’s talk about the Council of Gods more, as it’s definitely one of the most intriguing features being added. It allows players to choose 12 players who will become leaders of the community, a great power that comes with greater responsibility. You can go and visit the Divine Observatory to see who’s running to become a leader of the Skyforge community. You vote by giving special ballots to a hologram of the candidate you want to vote for.

You should just watch the awesome new trailer that came alongside the update, which should give you a good idea of what’s coming to Skyforge!



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