Happy Anniversary!

Skyforge will be celebrating its first year of bugs, betas, and blast-offs on the 13th of July, and all are invited to participate in the merry-making. Anniversary rewards will be at stake, but more importantly, the community will be indulging in interstellar fireworks presumably fired somewhere far, far away.


Confetti clearing duties will be put on hold during the 20th of July when the new Skyforge update: Battle of Equals, will be rolled out.

Battle of Equals will feature a new region, Antean Wasteland, a barren desert complete with giant worms, sandstorms and desolation. Tourists can’t get enough of the place.

Prepare to take it on with the update’s New Improvements that include brand new reliquaries, legendary trophies, an upgraded Catch-up system and an extended Atlas.

Finally, Battle of Equals caps it off with an upcoming Equalized 3vs3 PvP Tournament, where 1337 skills and teamwork will be the true defining factors.

The month of July will be busy for the Skyforge community, and the team promises to keep us updated right up until the release of Battle of Equals in the form of patch notes. You’ll find them on the official Skyforge website before the update is scheduled to be rolled out.

See the official announcement on the Skyforge website here.


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