The people of Skyforge have decided to start preparing for the future exploration of Aelion’s moon, Thea. Plenty of scientists and theorists have been monitoring Thea for a while. Even though it was thought for a long time that Thea wasn’t habitable, the recent researches prove this speculation wrong.

Two mechanoid species were encountered on Thea and the Skyforge team wanted to give players the opportunity to name them. They held a contest called ‘Name the Race’, which just finished, and awarded participants that submitted the most unique and fitting names that they could think of for those races. Now that the contest is over, we find out who the winners are, how they named these creatures, and what prizes they will be getting.

The first place goes to player Ascendiaz, who suggested the name Metrenite for the first race, which the Skyforge team thought that this name was perfect for a creature such as this. Melami Delunas took care of Race 2, suggesting the name Xepriothea, which also sounded fitting enough. Each player got 15,000 Argents. The new names are going to be used for both of those species.

There’s one more contest that announced their winners and that is the ‘Mix & Match Contest’. While the research continues over at Thea, there are some people that would rather focus on their costumes. Last month, the Skyforge team asked their players to vote for their favorite Mix & Match costumes that were supplied by the previous winners. Today, they are going to check your winning votes and the prizes that were at stake. The prizes are as goes:

  • 1st Place: 7 Days Premium, Choice of Winter Costume & Winter Mount
  • 2nd Place: 7 Days Premium, Choice of Winter Costume
  • 3rd Place: 3 Days Premium, Choice of Winter Costume

The winner of this contest is Shadowdale Firewalker. Congratulations to him on being the most creative custom costume creator of them all.

For more on these contests, visit the official announcement page.


  1. I still have not received most of the prizes. I got the initial 7 days prize on Tuesday 3/14/17 over a month later and nothing else. Still missing:

    1. 25 stimulants

    2. 300 vms

    3. 7 days (grand prize)

    4. Choice of Winter Costume (grand prize)

    5. Choice of Winter mount (grand prize)

    Is really embarrassing that it is taking Skyforge 6 weeks and counting to get this resolved. Been waiting since 2/9/17 when the initial winners were announced. Looks like the post was abandoned by whomever was its care taker and I asked Skyforge customer service to help they pretty much refused to help. Spoke with one of the moderators who said they would get the prizes paid and this goes to show how little the actual Headquarters Skyforge team cares for the rest of us that they have ignored someone that works for them as well.


    Shadowdale Firewalker


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