Skyforge is your generic MMORPG developed by The Allods Team, in collaboration with Obsidian Entertainment. The game is oriented towards picking what type of god you want to be. Once characters have obtained Divine Form, the Divine Atlas is unlocked. Divine Atlas contains a lot of upgrades for your characters which include things like reducing cooldowns of Divine ultimate abilities, reducing incoming damage and so on.Screenshot_1

Judging by the screenshot above the graphics look pretty solid. The animations and the spell effects are also pretty well done. If you want to check it out for yourself, watch the trailer down below!


The trailer focuses on three different Divine Specializations. Firstly, we have the God of War. Judging from their name we can assume that they will mostly focus on combat. So pretty much they will be the DPS of the game. Secondly, the trailer shows us the God of Defense. We see him facing off against some giant worm, and he casts some sort of shield which protects him from damage, so he will probably be some sort of support class. Lastly, we see the God of Hunt, who is fighting some sort of a plant monster. The trailer doesn’t really show what his role is supposed to be but we can expect him to focus on hunting down creatures.


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