The German-based esports giant, SK Gaming, is changing things up for its Hearthstone team in 2017. The organization has announced that it will only resign players AKAWonder and Zetalot. This means they team will part ways with Spo, Freakeh, MartinCreek, and Powder.

SK Gaming In Hearthstone

SK Gaming has  long history in esports, operating teams in many games. Their Hearthstone team has had some success, with AKAWonder and Spo having recent first place finishes in Major-level tournaments, and those two as well as Powder coming in at least the top 5 of a few different Premiere tournaments.

The organization expresses their gratitude toward the outgoing players, whom they say have been great to work with at all times. Alexander Müller, the Gaming Director for SK Gaming, says of the four Swedish players, “They are all great guys who are really fun to be around and I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.”

The official website for SK Gaming also has a message from each of the outgoing players. Spo hopes his fans will stay tuned to his social media to see where he lands. Freakeh thanks SK Gaming for their supportive environment. MartinCreek, like Spo, is grateful for the opportunities he had at SK Gaming, and urges his fans to follow where he goes via his social media. The post does not have a message from Powder.

AKAWonder at DreamHack, via SK Gaming

Hearthstone 2017

SK Gaming will no doubt pick up a few more players in the coming days or weeks. Hearthstone’s 2017 is set to kick off early next year, with a few events in January, and the Spring Tavern Trials following shortly.

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