For Honor

What we have seen since the release of For Honor, in terms of its reaction, is many suggestions on what could be implemented to improve on the existing game. Some players have suggested new game modes, changes to the gameplay in general and more to enhance their experience even further.

Reddit user bluelovee has continued this recent tradition, with the idea of introducing simulated battles in the game’s campaign mode. The post reads:

Playing through campaign gave me this idea. There should be a game mode that simulate the real battle. The offense team will try to push through the castle’s lines of defense while the other team defense it. Capture crucial areas should gave teams advantage like archers/more soldiers etc. Just think about it as play campaign in multi with some tweaks. Ps: The last part of Knight and 4th of Viking (big battles) are really awesome.

This is something that would certainly add a new aspect to For Honor, with fellow Reddit users responding in a largely positive manner. In fact, the suggestion led to comparisons to Halo: Reach’s Invasion mode, one which is considered by many as the highlight of the game. Others put forward the idea of introducing “something like Rush from battlefield” which is something that could be an interesting prospect should Ubisoft pick up on it.

Would you like to see simulated battles introduced into For Honor, or do you have any other ideas that could help improve the hack and slash game? Let us know in the comments section below.


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