The long-awaited Rise of Bahamut expansion for Shadowverse, Cygames’ digital CCG, has officially launched. Rise of Bahamut is Shadowverse’s 2nd expansion, and introduces 105 new cards and two new mechanics: Enhance and Clash. 

Cards with Enhance have alternative effects that activate if their player has enough play points. For example, Pact with the Nethergod, a new spell for Shadowcraft, destroys “an enemy follower with 4 or less defense.” However, with its “Enhance (7)” effect, Pact with the Nethergod additionally summons a Pluto, and buffs its attack and defense by X each, where X is equal to the destroyed follower’s attack and defense, given that the player has at least seven play points remaining.

Clash, on the other hand, is much simpler to grasp. Cards with Clash have effects that only activate when they attack or defend against enemy followers. An important note to make is that Clash will not activate when followers attack opposing leaders.

In order to help players get started in this expansion, Cygames has provided all players with 10 free Rise of Bahamut packs. Their generosity did not come as a surprise because Cygames had previously given away 10 free Darkness Evolved packs when the expansion was initially released.

Furthermore, in celebration of 2017, from December 30th – January 3rd, eligible players will receive free rupies once a day. To become eligible for these bonuses, players simply have to complete the tutorial before January 3rd. The bonuses are as follows: 500 rupies for the 1st day, and 200 rupies for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th days.

What cards did you pull from your free packs? What decks do you plan on building? Let us know in the comments below, and good luck climbing the ladder this season!

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