December 29th is an important date for Shadowverse, Cygames’ anime-style CCG, because it marks the release of the third expansion, Rage of Bahamut, and prebuilt decks. Cygames has been gradually revealing each prebuilt deck, with the most recent one being “Dark Dragon Cavalry” (Japanese: 暗黒竜騎, translated using Google Translate), the Dragoncraft deck.

The deck contains:

  • Blazing Breath x3
  • Fire Lizard x2
  • Shapeshifting Mage x1
  • Mushussu x3
  • Dragon Oracle x3
  • Dragon Emissary x2
  • Aiela, Dragon Knight x3
  • Imprisoned Dragon x3
  • Humpty Dumpty x2
  • Grim Reaper x2
  • Siegfried x2
  • Seabrand Dragon x2
  • Dragonguard x2
  • Wyvern Cavalier x1
  • Dark Dragoon Forte x1
  • Dread Dragon x2
  • Shenlong x2
  • Neptune x1
  • Orb Dragon x1
  • Fafnir x1
  • Genesis Dragon x1

These cards allow players to ramp up play points early on to overwhelm opponents with high-cost followers during the mid-game. Despite the deck being mostly Control-focused, an aggressive playstyle can be adopted as appropriate thanks to the Mushussu’s and Storm followers.

As with all prebuilt decks, Dark Dragon Cavalry comes with an alternative artwork for a legendary card, which is Dark Dragoon Forte in this case.

The main appeal of prebuilt decks for many players are the alternative artworks. With how absolutely breathtaking Dark Dragoon Forte’s alternative artwork is, I have a feeling that the majority of players will not be disappointed.

The cost of all prebuilt decks depends on the number of times they have been purchased (up to a maximum of three purchases per deck). The first purchase costs 500 Crystals, and the second and third purchases cost 750 Crystals each. Prebuilt decks unfortunately cannot be bought with the in-game currency, Rupies.

On a slightly positive note, a limited one-time offer of 300 Crystals for $2.99 is available until December 31st. Originally 300 Crystals would cost $5.99, so the deal is a discount of 50%.

As December 29th rapidly approaches, I can barely contain my excitement. I hope you all are as enthusiastic as me for what’s to come. Until then, there are still plenty of reveals to come, so be sure to check back soon for more Shadowverse news!

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