Shadow Warrior 2 is the recently released sequel of Shadow Warrior, a fantasy hack and slash FPS game which grew an entire fanbase around itself. The game is developed by Flying Wild Hog, a small indie team from Poland with hardly any titles to its name. After more than 3 years of wait, the sequel has been finally released and the hype around it is only getting bigger.

Before being released on Steam, publisher Devolver Digital decided to make and upload a launch trailer for the game showing just how fun this game is going to be.


From what the trailer shows, the game is revolved around a bunch of gore, dirty jokes, and memorable characters. As you can see there are many unique characters with their own playstyle, appearance, and weapons. Besides characters, we also see a variety of monster and villains that players are going to have to face in order to advance further through the game.


Some of the cooler features for Shadow Warrior 2 are:

  • Over 70 lethal weapons, from blades to guns
  • Unique damage system
  • Custom weapon upgrade system
  • Four Player Co-Op

If you are interested in more information about this game I suggest you visit the official Steam here.


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