I Am Setsuna

For those who thirst for a classic style JRPG in a modern era, you mayPSbe encountering a bit of a drought. Have I got news for you, as I Am Setsuna, a JRPG developed by Tokyo RPG Factory and published by Square Enix, is available for pre-order now. This game promises to deliver on the classic elements that make JRPGs so beloved by so many communities.

I Am SetsunaThis game is set to launch on PC, as well as PS4 with various bonuses depending on the platform. Pre-ordering this title on Steam will get players access to a digital soundtrack and HD wallpaper. Purchasing this title from the Square Enix store will get players five usable avatars for the Square Enix members blog. Finally, pre-ordering on PS4 will get you two themes and the song ‘eternal winter’ as well.

The combat is very heavily based on Chrono Trigger and the exploration elements seem true to the nature of classic RPGs such as Final Fantasy and Golden Sun. There appears to be a massive overworld, as well as smaller segmented pieces of the world.

The story seems to have a somber element, and a theme of camaraderie, companionship, and sacrifice.

I Am Setsuna is available for pre-order now right here! This looks like the RPG we’ve all been waiting for.

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