As a gamer who spent a lot of time playing many FPS’s, hearing that the Serious Sam franchise just got a new addition was very exciting. Serious Sam 2 was one of my favorite games when I was a child mostly because of the huge weapon selection and the variety of weird and wacky enemies.


The last game in the franchise was Serious Sam 3: BFE and it was released 5 years ago. Finally, Devolver Digital in collaboration with Croteam VR  decided to mix the classic mechanics and feel of the game with improved graphics and virtual reality set. The game was recently released on Steam Early Access and the makers have said that the full game is going to be released in 6 months.

They have also stated the additional features that are going to be in the full game. The additional features are as follows:

  • more planets with multiple locations
  • more enemies
  • more weapons
  • more boss fights
  • more power-ups
  • achievements
  • unannounced upgrades & features, depending on user feedback

So pick up your VR headset and start shooting all of the random but creative enemies. The game is currently on a 20% discount so be sure to pick it up on Steam before the offer expires.


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