When it comes to MMORPGs, how long the game is on the market and active says a lot about not just the community, but the developers behind it. If it lasts only a few years, it’s basically a failure in terms of what to expect from an MMO. However, when a game goes over 10 years? That’s a success by any stretch of the imagination. This especially goes for an MMORPG that isn’t exactly “cutting edge”, yet has lasted 15 years. We speak of course of RuneScape.

That’s right, RuneScape, the game that was apparently born…in a kitchen, we kid you not. The game that has defied logic and expectation to have not only gone through many iterations (while still being the same core game) to make it last an outstanding 15 years. Again, for any MMORPG, that’s outstanding. Especially since the game doesn’t follow a lot of conventions that are standard for the genre. Like how there’s no linear story, it’s just make a character and do what you want.

But now, the game is getting a true honor, a documentary that details how the game came to be, how the community came to love it, and how it’s evolved over all these years.

What you’ll see in the near 90-minute documentary is true testimony from the creator and development team about the highs, the lows, the mystery of how it’s still here. As the creator himself notes, he hoped that a few people would play it. Maybe. He had no inclination that it would become a global hit like it is now, that it’s still being developed right now, and much more.

If you’re a fan of RuneScape, we totally recommend you watch the video. And then, comment on what some of your favorite RuneScape moments are so the team knows how much you appreciate them.


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