It’s been a while since Rocket League got released and the only free main modes are Online, Exhibition, and Season Mode. Luckily for the players, there have been massive changes in this patch. Psyonix announced that they are going to implement a new mode in September called Rumble. With that announcement, they have also released a trailer that showcases some of the power-ups that are accessive in this mode


In Rumble, the players can use 11 special power-ups. Each one is different and I’m going to showcase each one so you can see it for yourself.

  • Grappling Hook – Pulls you to the ball
  • Disruptor – The opponent you targeted loses control of his car
  • Freezer – Freezes the ball
  • Haymaker – Punches the ball
  • Power Hitter – Grants you the ability to hit with more force
  • Magnetizer – Pulls the ball towards your car
  • Plunger – Snatches the ball with a plunger and a cord
  • Spike – Magnetizes the ball to your car when you hit it
  • Swapper – Swap positions with your opponent
  • Tornado – Sweep up the ball and the nearby enemy cars into a giant tornado
  • The Boot – Allows you to kick an opponent’s car


This is a great addition to the game and will definitely entertain players. We can expect many montages to be uploaded to various sites considering how much action-packed the gameplay really is.


For more information about this mode, visit Rocket League’s¬†official patch notes.





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