Kickstarters are funny things. Trust me, I’m talking from experience here. The best ones sometimes don’t get funded. Odd things sometimes get funded in droves. And other times? A Kickstarter will get funded in its last day, if not its last hours. Regardless, if there’s a Kickstarter you want to support, you should support it. Take for example, Voodoo: Open-World Survival in Africa.

Voodoo is a Kickstarter is in its last few hours. However, it’s crossed its funding goal, meaning that barring something unfortunate, anyone who backs it is guaranteed its rewards. Especially since its currently $2000 over its goal.

As for what Voodoo is, its a survival game based in Africa (if the title didn’t give that away) that forces you to do just about everything you can to survive in the plains. You have to get your own food, you have to make your own fire, your own weapons, everything is up to you, and not necessarily the game. But also, the game features giant monsters that you have to fight, or be very wary of. The team was inspired by Shadow of the Colossus, and wanted to implement a lot of what that game did into here.

Also though, the game is an online multiplayer, so you’ll meet other players, and likely have to fight them just to survive as well.

The game is very beautiful, and is very much worth your time, and maybe even your pledge! Check it out, and see if it’s something that you might want to help create.


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