Fans of the iconic Western shooter Red Dead Redemption will be very excited to see what Rockstar Games have just posted. Across their Facebook and Twitter social media channels (as well as their official website), a new red logo has been uploaded, changing from the classic black and gold logo they are most recognised for.

The red logo is the visual aesthetic associated with the loading screens and other promotional artwork related to 2010’s Red Dead Redemption. Time will only tell as to whether this is a new Red Dead game altogether, a remastered edition of a previous game or a severe (yet unlikely) trolling on Rockstar’s behalf.

Earlier this year a map was doing the rounds on the internet, being cited as the map for the Red Dead Redemption 2 game world. The leaked image gained further momentum when it was followed up by a source close to the developers of the game who┬áreferred to it as a “very recent art direction map.”

It could, however, be a PS4 re-release of the game, following the success of Red Dead Redemption coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility back in July. Sales for the game propelled to heights of over 6000% on Amazon, highlighting that the game is still immensely popular amongst gamers six years later.

Only time will tell what the logo really means, what we do know is we are more than likely to see a new Red Dead game someday, after chief executive Strauss Zelnick of parent company Take-Two described the franchise as a permanent fixture. The company also stated back in May that they would release information on what games they were working on “soon”, though nothing would be released until April 2017 at the earliest.


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