p1_2048183_dc600dd6The moment information about the sequel of Tomb Raider came out, many fans were more than happy. Unfortunately, since Microsoft and Square Enix made a pretty nice deal, the game, Rise of Tomb Raider, was available only for owners of Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game came out, in that format last year, around November. Only two months later, the game was available for PC platform.

It seems that PS4 owners were cut out for a great deal because reviews of the game were more than positive. Rise of Tomb Rider was a major success and many people that have Playstation 4 wanted to try it out.

It seems that Microsoft exclusive will change. Even though we can’t be 100% sure, there was a date release on the Italian GameStop site. Unfortunately, shortly after that, the title was removed, but what we managed to see was October 10th, 2016. This date represents the release date for Rise of Tomb Rider PS4 version.


Even though this can’t be taken too close to the heart, we are 100% sure that the official statement will come soon enough.  Since we know that Sony has the option to release their version of the game exactly one year ofter the official release, this date might be moved a few days, but this will shortly be confirmed.

Now we wait for Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics to make their move.


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