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As part of the new year, many do what are called “New Years Resolutions”, promises or goals that are set for the new year that people try to complete or do or achieve. Some are big, some are small, and some are ridiculous, but we’re human, so what can you do? During the latest “Ask Riot” Q&A for League of Legends, the team at Riot Games gave a long list of their new years resolutions. For LOL anyway.

Or maybe…just maybe…they aren’t serious about these resolutions…I mean…check them out…

They were broken down into sections. For example, the first one was about updating the champions. They acknowledge they’re “finally” updating Ryze. They want to give Jax a real weapon, and they want to re-tool Singed to better suit the support end-game fantasy. In regards to competition, their biggest goal is to launch a global education initiative, which would replace school grades with solo queue ranks. Um….right…

league of legends

For the characters themselves, the team would like Champions to deal “True. Damage.”, and also attempt a six hit passive. Not buying that happening. For the personalization, the Skins Team want to create three new Teemo skins, but would LOVE to create SIX new Teemo skins. Sure they would. Also though, they want to start production on SKT Worlds 2017 and 2018 championship skins. Uh-huh.

They got really silly as the “resolutions” went on. For example, they wanted to create an item, then nerf all champions who are good with that item, then remove it again. Also, they “want” to retcon all lore, so that you are only a figment in the mind of you the player.

And so and so forth, you can check it out below. But what do YOU want from League of Legends this year? Let us know!


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