The RIFT community started talking about making EU and NA players play together, essentially making shards that could be accessed by players from both Europe and North America. Now, is this a good idea or not, it depends on a lot of things, which will be discussed here!


One player brought up this idea, Seshatar is his name, and he proposed the following ideas:

Still have EU and NA servers, you always spawn on your cluster after login for better latency
– Let us shard temporary shard hop to shards from the other cluster
– If you build a raid or dungeon group the leader can decide if the instance should be hosted on EU or NA cluster
– For random dungeon/warfront/LFR make a tickbox “consider EU and NA cluster”

Now, while some players really liked the idea of playing with players from other regions, others were more skeptical as to how it would work. First of all, it would be quite a tremendous task, getting players from both regions to play together without a lot of lag would be pretty hard to accomplish, if not impossible. Secondly, you have to take into consideration the language that’s being used in each shard, and if you combine them all into one big server, you would have a lot of people talking in a lot of different languages.


On the other hand, enabling cross-play of some sorts would be great for people that can’t find enough members for their dungeons and that sort of thing, since RIFT isn’t really as popular as it once was. Cross-play would exactly be something that would be great for all players, since those that want to play with their friends from far away can do that, and those that don’t like the idea can just play on the server they usually play on.




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