RidersOfIcarusFirstImpressionsFeatured-1400x900We sure hope you are ready to hear some great news because we can’t wait to tell you. Riders of Icarus open beta is here! The official announcement went live and we can go back to the skies of Icarus on July 6th.

Since we, at MMOexaminer had the pleasure to be part of Closed Beta Phase 3, we can’t wait to kick off again with new content that awaits. If you want to know our thoughts about the game you can read our in-depth game review here. From what we’ve seen on the official site, developers announced that the game will receive new regions, mass raid bosses, new PVP-only regions, level cap increase,and the Familiar Farm.

On the day that Open Beta starts the maximum level will be 25, but by the end of the July that will increase to level 35. Additionally, a ton of new areas and familiars will be added, and those who played Closed Beta know that this is outstanding news.


With all this excitement about the game, we almost forgot to tell you one little secret. If you, by any chance, want to get a head start in the game, you can. Simply purchase Founder’s Pack and get a ton of great and useful items. There are three types and they all have something special to offer, it all comes down to the amount you are willing to spend. Have in mind that every pack is a great investment because you get a hell of a discount. For more detailed information visit the official site.

We definitely plan to grab one for ourselves and get in the game as soon as possible. Moreover, if you by any chance missed Closed Beta and you want to become a part of Open Beta, all you need to do is sign in right here.

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