The latest patch for the MMORPG fantasy game Riders of Icarus brings a wealth of new features to the Exarahn Badlands update.

Firstly, Ellora’s shop has added a wide variety of items. Players can now get their hands on exciting new items such as level 120 Elite Tempering Stones, warp passes to the Exarahn Badlands and a variety of new capes. There will also be new items focusing on pets, with the Hakanas lucky pet box containing one random pet, as well as Auto-loot emblems and dismantling tools.


Players will also now have access to new mounts and pets thanks to four new Familiars being added to be discovered in the Exarahn Badlands. Special items will also be available for purchase using Exarahn coins, for buying specific PvP gear, seal stones, consumables, Familiar pet items and much more.

New events will also run between now and September 7th, where players will begin exploring for the first time in Entering the Exarahn Badlands, participate in Ellora’s super weekends which will reward fans for logging in at set times each day, or begin collecting with the weekly Special Familiar Collection.

However you choose to play Riders of Icarus, there is something for everybody. So whether you are merely a collector or out for an all-out guild war, this update will provide you with everything you need in the Exarahn Badlands.


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