Riders of Icarus - Corruption of Light

The lead designer for the free to play MMORPG Riders of Icarus was excited to announce their Corruption of Light update, which includes a level cap raise to level 55, 2 new areas of exploration, new mounts and familiars. These will all be part of the Corruption of Light update coming up March 22nd. And players can still register for a FREE Sanctuary Archon Pack, including an Enjani mount.

Ellora Sanctuary is a mystical land, home to the Light Elves who protect it under the blessing of Daleroth, the World Tree. After the War of Light, the Light Elves made it their mission to guard the Demonic Stone. But the Chaos Elves want to obtain it. Dragon Knights attempt to help the Light Elves. To save Princess Lania, the Demonic Stone cannot be taken by the Chaos Elves. Prion Roa, a Light Elf before being corrupted by chaos now resides here, summoning gigantic Dyraths. Ten member parties are recommended when taking this new boss on.

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The Forgotten Shrine in Riders of Icarus is a new dungeon in Windhome Canyon. And it is available to riders at level 54. In it, Riders will battle Yorminsul who has the goal of obtaining the Demonic Stone. In the shrine Riders will also find a giant armored bear named Zaminus that is great for ground battle, raising all attack stats. Lenanzar, like Prion Roa, was once a Light elf. Now the field boss of this area, expect to see around 20 AoE thunderbolts rain from the sky and watch out for fire skills.

Three new familiars inhabit these areas. They are Dredrum, Bruniche, and Torkai. Dredrum’s raises max health and defense makes it great for tanks. Bruniche boosts magic attacks and magic critical damage. And Torkai is a Legendary mount with fast movement speed, the best effects, and attributes. Riders have also asked the team to add familiars from higher-level areas to the Lair of Ienos. Lair of Ma’art is an expansion of “Lair of Ienos” and it holds the legendary familiar, Magma Beast.

Check out the official post for further details and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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