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The last Closed Beta Phase is about to kick off in Riders of Icarus and we have teamed up with Nexon to bring you guys some keys that will allow you take this game for a test drive before the official release arrives.

To obtain a key from our giveaway event, you simply have to use one of the options below this article and you will be given a key straight away.

Key Activation

To activate the key that you have received from us, you should download the Nexon Launcher here, and create aicarus55 new Nexon America account. Once you have installed the launcher, click on the arrow next to the Avatar picture on the top right corner and choose the “Activate a product” option. This is where you should enter the key that you got from us.

Once you are done, you will be able to participate in the next Riders of Icarus CBT that begins on June 2.

Important notice from Nexon:

If you played in either of the two earlier Closed Beta tests, you do not need to sign up again and will not need a new code. You will automatically be able to participate in Closed Beta 3. 

MMOExaminer – Riders of Icarus CBT Key Giveaway

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