Hearthstone is a WarCraft spinoff card game. Every so often hearthstone will shift the kind of cards that are available to use in ranked play.

YOGGAlong with the newest swap came a new card called: Yogg-Saron. Hopes end.  Yogg-Saron is a 10-mana cost 7 attack and 5 health that has a very unique and game changing ability: To cast a random spell on a random target for each spell the user has cast that game. Meaning that you if you used ten spells you could get 10 random cost spell from 0-10 mana.

Which many players seem to be dissatisfied with. The reason for this is because players who play in a competitive setting would find it unfair for…let’s  say grand finals of a tournament, to be decided by a fluke which a lot of Hearthstone players think using this card entails.

However tons of other players have come out and said that having cards with random effects is part of what makes Hearthstone great and fun. As fun as it is to calculate every move and best your opponent, some players find it just as fun to add a bit of luck in the mix. So as you could imagine this topic has sparked quite a bit of debate, so do you think this card kills Hearthstone as a game or adds to it?



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