When it comes to massive worlds in games, especially MMORPGs, it’s very easy for developers to build something very detailed, very methodical, yet lose the fact that the game should have areas that aren’t exactly tied to anything serious. After all, while it’s true players want to level up characters, help their guilds, and enjoy the story, they also wanted to have fun within the game’s world. For Revelation Online, they seem to have that covered with Faerie’s Funland, the games very own amusement park.

The best part though, is that this isn’t just a random, or a gratuitous attempt to insert “fun” into the game. In fact, this amusement park is actually tied to one of the races within the game. Yep, the Volopine are a race who enjoy fun above all else. So, they made Faerie’s Funland to let other people enjoy in their fun, and the developers hope you’ll take the time to enjoy the place. As they note, calling this an “amusement park” is not doing it justice.

Because here, you’ll get to play an assortment of mini-games, each of which can be played for EXP, loot, gear, or if you just want to play games. Any option is welcome here, but there is a catch. Like a real amusement park, it’s not open 24/7. In fact, it’s only open twice a week. However, they counter that by not only having a lot of fun to be had, but by offering some prizes that will get everyone’s ears perked up. Mainly, the best golden-tier earring in Revelation Online is only available here.

You can reach Faerie’s Funland via the portal in front of Chaffon Watershed. Once you enter the park, your adventure begins! So be ready to have fun, play some games, and of course, get prizes!


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