Revelation Online

Graphics in gaming have improved to an almost unparalleled degree since the inception of video games. We’ve gone from blocky 8-bit models to fully-rendered, truly realistic, high-definition character models that look as real as you or me. Yet, with every advancement, we still want more. We want better graphics, better VFX, better-looking everything. Thankfully, there are programs that allow for such a thing, and one Revelation Online player is using that to his advantage.

Reddit user pvtmikehunt5676 noted in a post that he is using the graphics processor ReShade in Revelation Online. For those who don’t know, the ReShade program is meant to make video games even more attractive. For example, it enhances the textures, it can add more realistic shadows and visual effects, and truly bring out the life of the game more than some video game developers can do, or will want to do.

Also, you can tweak the settings of the ReShade so that it suits your computer or your personal preference on how you like to see games. In the case of the user above, he notes that after he got it installed, Revelation Online resembled the quality of Guild Wars 2.
Revelation Online

You’d think that ReShade would be a beloved thing by all,when actually it’s not. In fact, while gamers love it, so much that they’ve made mods of ReShade to work with specific titles, developers aren’t so keen on it. In fact, some developers can actually ban for the use of Reshade on their titles.

Revelation Online does not seem to be on that list of disallowing games, but it could change. In the meantime, pvtmikehunt5676 is asking if anyone wants to test the game with ReShade along with him, and then share notes on how to make the game look even better. If that’s for you, you might want to reach out.


  1. Best reshading I used so far. I love it. It changed my life. Before I felt like i was looking through a clouded glass but now i see very clearly.

    thank you mike hunt


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