Revelation Online

MMORPGs are by nature designed to be massive games. After all, that is literally what the acronym stands for (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). More than that, these games are built to be entire worlds, or at the very least massive continents of a world. While it’s true that the vastness of the world means there’s a lot of unused space, that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do. Revelation Online wants to make that very clear.

For the developers behind the game, just because there’s nothing you can do in a certain part of the world of Nuanor, doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can see or experience. To prove that point, the team is making sightseeing a mechanic in the game.

As seen in other games, the sightseeing activity gives something interesting for players to do that doesn’t involve combat. On the map, and scaled down to your mini-map, there will be documented sightseeing spots represented by an icon in the form of a film recorder. Once you reach that spot, you’ll find an NPC that also has that icon. You talk to them, watch a cut-scene, then get rewarded.

Revelation Online

Rewards you can get include achievements, Potential, Imperial Coins, or even experience. It’ll be small, but every little bit helps when you’re trying to unlock the power of your character. Plus, as the team notes, the world of Nuanor is vast. There are ten provinces and three major cities for you to explore. That means there’s a lot of history laying in wait for you to find. In addition, the more you know about ins and outs of the land, the quicker you can get around, and the faster you’ll complete certain quests if you need to get somewhere specific that may be off the beaten path.

If you’re playing Revelation Online, don’t be afraid to see the sights. There might be something cool waiting for you if you do.


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