Super Mario Kart is a title that can resonate with a lot of souls. The beginning of an era, for certain. Was it the beautiful soundtrack? Was it the hilarious cast of characters spanning from Mario himself to Donkey Kong Jr? Was it the vibrant colorful worlds that you could explore?

Mario Kart NintendoLife
Picture Source: NintendoLife

The Mario Kart craze will likely continue on for a long time. This is fair, as Nintendo has done all they can to ensure that the series remains innovative and fresh. But this game, where it all began, was ahead of its time in many major ways. While some would like to criticize the mechanics, they forget that at the time, the manual drifting masterpiece that is Mario Kart 8 was simply inconceivable.

Super Mario Kart offered the most tracks out of any game up until the Nintendo DS installment, and a lot of them were completely original, in no way drawing inspiration from real Mario locations. While some would find this pointless, others would see it as original and unique.

The creative nature of Super Mario Kart only stands as testament to how easy it was for all of us to fall in love with this epic series, and as it continues to grow, don’t forget about the epic game changer that brought us to where we are.

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