Few genres have the level of variance that can be found in the RPG. Whether it’s Ni No Kuni, Xenoblade Chronicles, Skyrim, or Fire Emblem, they all fall under the genre’s umbrella despite being incredibly different games. But one classic RPG that many fail to give the credit it deserves is the GBA title Golden Sun. That’s why for this week’s installment of RetroNight, we’re going over what makes this game so interesting.

golden-sun-battleGolden Sun follows a standard turn-based formula with some interesting twists. The game’s main mechanic involves this unseen force that allows you to manipulate dungeon-like terrain. This includes creating a literal giant hand and using it to move walls and platforms around. The story isn’t much to absorb but it’s good for the time, and for being on one of the earlier handhelds. It’s an experience with some truly beautiful environments and an equally beautiful soundtrack. Golden Sun is mechanically sound, no doubt, yet still it manages to be a game of atmosphere.

You can also find numerous elemental Djiini which will give you improved stats, as well as the ability to summon for devastating blows. That means, the more you explore and use your abilities, the more rewards you’ll receive.

It follows the typical Fantasy RPG formula. Invasion, shattered magic junk all over the world, kid escapes, has to save the world. Though there are some twists. The way events unfold will require you to participate in tournaments, ride on boats, climb a lighthouse or two, and much more in one of the most diverse gaming experiences of its time.

Golden Sun is currently available on the Wii U Virtual Console, and is part of a two-installment storyline featuring Golden Sun: The Lost Age as well. Both games are worth purchasing if you’re interested in finishing the age old story of Isaac and friends.

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