The Fire Emblem series has touched the hearts of many gamers over the course of the past few decades. It has a deep tactical design that requires attentive calculation and an understanding of your surroundings.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Fire Emblem games is the permanent death system. Once a unit dies, they stay dead. This is epic both in terms of narrative (as it truly adds emotional weight to the way you play) and in terms of gameplay as the game becomes far more difficult as you progress if you can’t keep units alive.

Making every move count has never been so true, and few games in the series capture the actual severity of situations as well as Sacred Stones. The world is plagued by war, and the heroes of Renais have to defeat their enemy nation. Of course in true Fire Emblem fashion, a few strange supernatural elements are thrown into the mix to shake things up.

Fans of classic strategy games as well as beautiful soundtracks should rejoice in the fact that this game is available now on the Wii U eshop. It has great characters, brilliant writing far ahead of its time, a good battle system, and a killer soundtrack. Fire Emblem Sacred Stones is a true classic.

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