The Repopulation is steadily getting more and more updates, polishing the game up slowly, and the 16.9.2 update brings a few more adjustments for gamepads, some new achievements, and  more housing features!


The patch is also bringing a new module for wood platforms which will allow for finer control over the placement and layouts of the platforms. The art for the new module is just a placeholder, as the development team added it to get feedback. Performance upgrades were also made to lessen the framerate drop during placement of the platforms.


Some improvements were also made to the melee animations, so expect better impact animations from now! The blood effects when getting hit and also while hitting something were improved. Camera shakes were also added to emphasise impacts more. If you don’t like the newly added camera shakes, don’t worry, they can be disabled in the settings.


For all you achievements hunters, a few basic achievements have been added this patch. You get them for killing different creatures in the game, so it’s nothing hard. 4 PvP achievements are also there for you to get, as well as some simple level up ones.
You can read the patch notes here to read the full list of changes!


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