Survival games seem to be quite the extravaganza these days. Today we have a new contender, interestingly named Out of Reach.

They say that it’s hard to survive a storm on the sea, especially a raging one. But how hard is the part that comes after that? Out of Reach is just that, trying to stay alive on an unknown land, full of unknown, dangerous things. As all games of this type, hunger and warmth are your main problem at the start. They are an invisible and tricky enemy that’s hard to beat if you panic instead of keeping a cool head. Grab anything that’s edible and start searching for a shelter.


Watch out for the things lurking in the shadows, you still don’t know if this land is inhabited or not! Hunting animals should be done on the move because you don’t know if you’re someone’s pray so keep your eyes open.

The environment is quite diverse, jungles, deserts, plains, mountains and forest are all there for you to survive in. Changing weather is also a core part of the game, and it’s interesting to see how that will affect the whole experience. Gliders are also a thing in this game, and that’s just frickin’ badass!

Out of Reach is available on Steam right now!


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